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Astronomy Software

Astronomy is undoubtedly the study of some of the most amazing things in the universe. There are so many things about the universe that we do not know about, and we should invest a lot of resources if we want to know the secrets of the universe. Astronomers have actually done a pretty great job at observing the observable universe with the help of telescopes and satellites. There are actually so many things that we can do to explore our solar system and beyond and be the curious souls that we are.

The universe is certainly limitless, and it is completely impossible to explore every bit of it, but we should be able to explore a lot of it if our technologies improve. In this guide, I will be talking about some astronomy software which will contain the names of software that will help people explore the explorable universe. This astronomy software page does contain some information when it comes to PC software which will interest an astronomy hobbyist. These programs do also include some astronomy utilities and also some programs which are really educational and very fun. Some of these software are free and some commercial indeed. There are also a few demo versions available.

Celestia is a very unique three-dimensional simulator of the universe. With this, you can actually travel throughout the solar system to any of over 100,000 stars or even beyond the galaxy. It comes with a large catalogue of stars, planets, moons, comets, spacecraft, asteroids and more. If that is not enough, you can download so many more add ons which will make you so in creed and happy. It’s available on macOS.

Home planet is the next one that I would like to talk about, and it is a very comprehensive astronomy, space and satellite tracking package which is available for Microsoft and macOS. It is available free of cost, and it includes some features which include an earth map which shows the day and night regions and also the positions of the satellites which orbit the planet. It also shows the position of the sun and the moon, and it really awakens the astronomer in you.

Stella 2000 is a complete astronomy software suite which explores the realistic skies in real-time, and you can actually make observations and takes quizzes as well. It is one of the best that is out there, and it is available free of cost. There is no demo required because you can just download the entire thing anyway.

Stellarium it is a free GPL software program which renders realistic skies in real-time. With this software, you can actually see with your own eyes that the universe is really beautiful, and also you can see the positions of every planet in real-time, and it is really highly recommended you get this if you are an astronomy enthusiast.

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